The Videos That Matter To Me Today

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Every so often, I end up with a bunch of videos I think are badass and all I want to do is SHARE THEM with you. And share them I shall! [Mom, I wrote about Cara yesterday. You can find that HERE.]

I have a whole feed for just this sort of thing. It’s the “Geeky” feed and you can find it below this and every post on Taste Like Crazy.

The Geeky feed brings you anything I write that has to do with videos I’m digging, video games I’m loving and/or hating and basically anything having to do with tech that’s getting me off at that point in time.

This first video is of a guy drawing his dad…with dots. Lots and lots of dots.

The next is “An arts and crafts history of the world.” It’s actually a music video for Thick As Thieves which I rather quite like.

This entire YouTube channel is nothing but this cat Maru. But that’s OK since Maru is damn cute.

Little known fact: I got my first job in radio because of Fatboy Slim; I won a CD of Fatboy Slim at the local radio station and ended up with a DJ job.

You know how people will call just about anything amazing and they’re talking about their dog learning how to pee outside or something mundane? Take heart! This video is amazing as in:

  1. Causing great surprise or wonder; astonishing.
  2. Startlingly impressive.
[Watch for Ponyo.]

Last one is a cover of Gnarls Barkley. Here’s a super cool version in case you don’t know what song I’m talking about:

And here’s the cover by Kevin Hammond.

And those are all the videos that I’ve been meaning to share with you. If you have any you’re rocking right now, leave them in the comments section. Try and keep them to the NOT TOO sessay kind.