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Gardening Obsession

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Victory Garden vintage poster

I tried to grow things when we were in the apartment and I managed to grow an impressive cache of purple basil I bought at Target on a whim. I have no clue as to what variety it was but it looked like these Dark Purple Opal Basil plants. That stuff grew like crazy and ...

Sophie Channels Her Inner Toy Table – Video

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Since I blamed Sophie the Pitbull for giving us kennel cough and then drugged her up on hydrocodone and generally maligned her, I figured I would post a video of Sophie being a very good dog. I mean, it's not like she uses the computer anymore but at least this makes me feel better.

Maybe Sophie Gave Us All Kennel Cough?

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When I wrote about my eye trying die, I never expected I would still be experiencing crud. But it's a different crud and everyone in the house is affected. Including Sophie. I've decided to blame Tucker for getting Sophie sick. There's no scientific merit to said blame but it's fun. So anyway, Sophie started coughing night before ...

It’s Times Like These When I’ve Very Glad I Very Much Like Ham

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Too much ham

It's not as yummy as bacon but it's damn close.

Kits sexting better thug.

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"Throat is on fire. Kits sexting better thug." IS NOT the same as, "Throat is on fire. Kids seem better though." Damn you, Swype! Dumb phone.

And Today I Am 30

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Today is my birthday. I am not a fan of birthdays if they happen to belong to me and it looks like this particular birthday will be one of my least favorite. Not only am I 30 today but my right eye feels like someone stuck tiny little needles under my eyelid. It started a couple ...

My Favorite Posts on Taste Like Crazy from 2011

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Best of 2011

I've made this a tradition on Taste Like Crazy. I've done it every year for...several years and if I was the counting type then I'd go back and look. Let's just leave it at a "tradition" shall we? I write! I don't count! This past year has been full of ups and downs but aren't they ...

Do You Embrace New Tech At the Expense of Old?

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The New Edison Final Achievement Phonograph

Tucker and I have reached an impasse. He thinks old tech is old tech and that our kids aren't missing anything by having not been exposed to ancient things like tapes, Playstations and printed dictionaries. I hold that it's a sad day indeed when Cara asks what cassette tapes are and then gazes in awe at ...