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Backyard Bog and Unhelpful Kids

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Yellow mop bucket

We've had drainage issues in our backyard since we moved into this house. It's a brand new yard. You would think they could get the damn thing right. I'm amazed the dog hasn't gotten sucked into the ground...yet. Five million years from now, aliens will dig her up and wonder why in the hell Earthlings ...

You Make Your Own Conference, Bitches

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Lego Super Woman

The whole way home I was thinking about different sage things I needed to write once I dug out Darwin, the laptop. Then, as I was making my uninterrupted cups of coffee this morning, I had even more amazing things to share. Things that would blow your fucking mind. You would read those things and ...

ADD Moment and Military Song Schtuff

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WW2 Iwo Jima flag raising

I was worried that, with the kids gone, I was still going to wake up at my--way too early--regular time and wouldn't take full advantage of this whole "kidless" thing. Sleeping late used to be one of Tucker's and my favorite pastimes Not going to tell you what time we rolled out of bed because I ...

We’re Kidless for Eight Nights!

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Since I head to Blissdom this Thursday, my mom and Tucker's folks have been kind enough to look after the kids while I'm gone. The grandparents all get grandkid time. Tucker gets time off from EVERYONE once I'm at the conference and I get to rejoice in a peaceful mind when it comes to the ...

This Is All I Have To Say About Anything Today

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atom bomb by vaXzine from Flickr

It's a cuteness bomb! Boom! You thought it was going to be something bad. Happy Saturday!

Cara Turned Blue!

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Violet Beauregarde turns blue.

What do you do when your kid turns blue? You freak out, right? We had errands to run and we all needed showers so I figured we'd kill three birds with one shower...or something. Imagine my surprise when Cara hopped in the shower and looked like she had a blue tan. So maybe she wasn't ...

Educating Parents About Video Game Ratings Via New ESRB Campaign

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ESRB Mom Game Rating Mobile App

There's this thing I've been rolling around in my head for a while now about how most parents--particularly the ones who don't play video games--are scared of games and are scared of their kids going on a shooting spree because of games. Maybe I'm exaggerating a tiny bit, but there is a lot fear around ...

Pedigree and Westminster Break Up Pound Puppies Rejoice

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Sophie watching me while I cook.

One of my favorite and hated ad campaigns has been the Pedigree ads for shelter dogs. Favorite because I love shelter dogs. My first dog, Sydney, was a shelter dog. She had been a "bait dog" for a local pit bull fighting ring and was evidence. I was fostering her and if I hadn't been ...

Fields & Lane Forester Gardening Glove Review and Giveaway!

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Cara thinks my Fields & Lane gardening gloves will make her plants grow.

When I first started thinking about having a garden at our new house, I imagined fertile, black soil. I imagined cool breezes with just enough sun to warm your skin. What I never got around to imagining was hard, red clay and days straight with no sun and potting soil stuffed so far up under ...

Whether You’re Single or Taken, Have a Valentine’s Day Cocktail [recipes]

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Sandeman Porto Wedding Punch

Valentine's Day is either one of the most celebrated holidays or the most reviled--depending on who you ask. But no matter what camp you're in, one thing just about everyone can agree on is that the perfect cocktail can make just about anything better. The two Port concoctions below will be amazing whether you're entertaining a ...

Should Teens Be Charged As Adults for Vehicular Homicide?

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The Law

I was listening to talk radio during the ride home from Cara and Ollie's dentist [No cavities, by the way.] and the host was ranting about a teen who killed some people during a car accident. Apparently the teen's family was trying to get the teen charged as a minor since he/she was 16 and ...

Facebook Parenting or About the Guy Who Shot the Laptop

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Facebook Like

With over 3.7 MILLION views on YouTube, almost 74 THOUSAND comments on the video, over 49 THOUSAND "likes" on Facebook, 21.5 THOUSAND Facebook shares and 22.5 THOUSAND comments on the original Facebook post, obviously this dad has sparked a conversation. I finally watched the video and read the dad's side of the story[below] and what ...