Pedigree and Westminster Break Up Pound Puppies Rejoice

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Sophie watching me while I cook. One of my favorite and hated ad campaigns has been the Pedigree ads for shelter dogs.

Favorite because I love shelter dogs.

My first dog, Sydney, was a shelter dog. She had been a “bait dog” for a local pit bull fighting ring and was evidence. I was fostering her and if I hadn’t been a broke-ass college kid and had a place of my own, I suspect Sydney would still be around somewhere…probably dog heaven.

Hated because, Beck, MY dog, was a shelter dog and it hurts my heart to watch these ads. I say “MY” because Sophie was supposed to be my dog but she decided I was stupid and she chose Tucker. Just goes to show that not EVERY dog is a good judge of character. ZING!

Beck was/is a Pit-Golden cross that looked SO much like Sophie that people would talk about how great it was that we had gotten dogs from the same litter. He was a bit taller and a bit leaner but they were almost identical. I say “was/is” because we had to surrender him back to the pound because he became so fearful of Cara that it wasn’t safe to have him in our home.

The point is that I LOVE me some shelter dogs. Shelter dogs are the dogs no one thinks about. Usually.

And, then, Pedigree started its campaign for shelter dogs.

Many awesome videos ensued.

The Pedigree came out with this one:

Westminster wasn’t cool with the ad and the parties decided to part ways.

Obviously, I’m for the shelter dog. I’m for the rescue dog. I’m for the dog that has no other option. I hope someone gave Beck another option when we couldn’t.

What’s your take on it?

Is this even a “thing”? Does one side “win” over the other?