Educating Parents About Video Game Ratings Via New ESRB Campaign

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There’s this thing I’ve been rolling around in my head for a while now about how most parents–particularly the ones who don’t play video games–are scared of games and are scared of their kids going on a shooting spree because of games.

Maybe I’m exaggerating a tiny bit, but there is a lot fear around games and kids and confusion about what’s age appropriate. As Cara says, “My mom’s a big gamer,” and it’s true that I spend a fair amount of time playing games or writing about them. Because of all that experience, I rely on my own impressions when it comes to what I’m willing to play in front of our kids and what I’m willing to let them play.

But what about the parents who don’t play games? What about those parents who are scared stiff of games? What about those parents who have no clue what is safe for their kids?

The ESRB–Entertainment Software Rating Board–is coming out with a new ad campaign that aims to help parents feel more comfortable with the video game choices they make for their kids.

In addition to the campaign, their doing a Twitter party. From the release:

In conjunction with the launch of the new PSA campaign, ESRB will be co-hosting a Twitter Party on February 23rd at 9:00 pm ET/6:00 pm PT with Johner Riehl of Family Friendly Video Games (@FmlyFrndlyVdGms) and Mary Heston of WiredMoms (@maryheston) to discuss the many ways the ESRB helps consumers choose the right video games. To join the conversation, RSVP at http://on.fb.me/y2MISB and use Twitter hashtag #ESRB.

I want to help take the fear out of games for parents and the first step is education. Expect to see the ads below in the near future, if they’re not already running, in your market.

ESRB Friend Education

ESRB Dad Smart Choices

ESRB Mom Game Rating Mobile App