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I Was Scared of My Three Year Old Today

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anger bot

I called Tucker's cell today to beg him to save me from Oliver. I'm not joking. In case you don't know, Ollie's three. I called my husband to save me from my three year old because I was tired of being slapped in the face, punched in the back and screamed at. Tucker didn't answer and I ...

Skyrim Pantea’s Flute Bug Fixed by 1.4 Patch and Patch Details

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Skyrim Draugr Death Lord

I spent a good part--I refuse to confess the actual amount--of yesterday dealing with Pantea and her damn flute. I've carried the ugly flute around for the most my Skyrim game and have logged 288 hours, 8 minutes and 46 seconds on the game. That's an awful long time to have an object and not know ...

Get a Second Vet Opinion and Sophie the Pitbull Doesn’t Have Cancer

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I don't even know where to start and I'm hesitant to even begin but, as I'm typing this, I fully realize I've already begun so I might as well keep going. Right? This is where you're wondering what the hell I'm not wanting to start but have already started. Let's just get to it, shall ...

Nutrition Possible and Win a $25 AMEX Gift Card

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Walmart Supplement Vitamin Aisle

When my doctor told me to take 60mg of iron, I searched five different stores before I was finally able to find what I needed. At each store, I asked either a store associate or someone behind the pharmacy counter for help. About half the time the person was able to at least find where ...