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I’m Tired of Skyrim Finally For Now with Skyrim DLC Teases and Game Jam 2011 Video

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Game Over

I knew this would happen eventually but I didn't expect it to slide into my brain just yet and cause me to decide I'm done with Skyrim. I'm so done with it I could take it to Gamestop right now, trade it in and not be the least bit sad. I've logged almost 386 hours ...

Things I Say At Walmart

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Pulling out hair

"Don't touch that." "You don't have to touch all of that. Promise" "You're going to get tired holding on like that." "I can't see you if you stand right in front of the cart." "Get your hands off of the shelf." "Didn't I tell you I can't see you when you're right in front of the cart? Is your ear ...

The Hunger Games Facebook Game. I’m Not Even Joking.

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The Hunger Games Facebook Game Rue's Lullaby

We knew it would only be a matter of time before The Hunger Games would go from a book to a movie and then to a game. Not just any kind of game. A Facebook game! Now you can double the time you waste on Facebook! Panem needs you!  Embark on a daring adventure beyond the fence ...

Where the Wild Things Are As Read By Christopher Walken

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Christopher Walken

I don't remember ever reading Where the Wild Things Are [affiliate link] when I was little but it's one of those books you're supposed to read so I bought it for Cara. I like the book but listening to Christopher Walken read it makes me love it.

Enjoying Spring

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One of the best things about having this house is having the yard. Now that the kids have a swing set/fort/castle/whatever Cara decides to call it and Ollie agrees and then disagrees and then they fight, the kids are spending a lot more time out in said yard. This is me weeping tears of joy. This ...

My Seedlings Can Eat Your Seedlings’ Brains…If They Have Brains Which Would Be Scary As Hell

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Peas and scarlet runner beans on March 21st.

My peas and scarlet runner beans have shamed me into admitting that, when the package says to "direct sow", I shouldn't ignore the instructions and start the seeds inside. The reason? Cause the fuckers will TAKE OVER. Every day, I'd take the seed container down and check if more seeds had sprouted and the kids would get ...

The Documentary Bully To Be Released as Unrated

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Bully documentary unrated

Coming on the heels of the MPAA passing a rating to Bully of R, The Weinstein Company has decided to release their documentary as Unrated. The MPAA has been around since '68 and was created in attempt to streamline the way films were categorized and give folks an idea of what they were getting when they ...

Let’s Give Some Love To K.M. Weiland

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When you write, you just DO IT. You write. You try to block everything out and do it. At least, you hope to do it. Not the sessay stuff. The writing! Eventually, with all this writing stuff, you'll end up with nothing and you'll be stuck and you'll be wandering around the interwebs and wondering ...

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Trailer

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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

What? What?! If I want to post another trailer for another book-turned-movie, I can. Because I might be posting them on the same night. I might be, allegedly, not writing what I should be writing. This is the internet and it is magic. Maybe I'm more receptive to the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter trailer because I liked ...

The Host Official Teaser Trailer Thoughts

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The Host

Last night, as I was trolling around YouTube so I didn't have to work on my book, I came across the teaser trailer for The Host. I read The Host just after it came out as I was coming down from my Twilight high. I didn't hate the book. I didn't love the book and ...

Garden Redux, Yo

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Dark Purple Opal Basil

Remember when I wrote that post about being obsessed with gardening and I even made a spanking new category especially for the new obsession? Wondering why I've only posted four things since I announced the new category? Um...well...everything died. How's that for sucktastic? I'm not exactly sure what happened though I highly suspect it had to ...

Cara Drew a Big Mommy Reaper from Mass Effect

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Mass Effect 3 Reaper Drawing

I was writing that odd post yesterday and Cara decided it was time for her to get her drawing on. Apparently the Reapers in Mass Effect have made an impression on her since she presented me with this: Here's Sovereign, a Reaper, from the first Mass Effect. Kid did a pretty good job considering she ...