Garden Redux, Yo

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Remember when I wrote that post about being obsessed with gardening and I even made a spanking new category especially for the new obsession?

Wondering why I’ve only posted four things since I announced the new category?

Um…well…everything died.

How’s that for sucktastic? I’m not exactly sure what happened though I highly suspect it had to do with the starter I used. Seeds would either sprout and then fool me into thinking they were going to be awesome and THEN die or they just wouldn’t even attempt to sprout.

Jump forward a couple of months and a soil less seed starter.

Cara and Ollie with the sprouts.

You have no idea how many times I had to tell them not to touch.

Dark Purple Opal Basil

My favorite shot.

Scarlet Runner Bean

You're supposed to direct sow these guys but I couldn't help myself.

Tomato sprouts.

A variety of sprouting tomatoes.

There are a couple of holdouts from that first wave of seeds.

I had this soil left over after everything in the container died and since my onions are still languishing in the garage, unplanted, I took pity on several and stuck them in the plantless container. I noticed this mystery sprout yesterday. It’s joined by four others. Crafty little plants.

Mystery sprout with the onions.

I have NO CLUE what has sprouted with the onions. I thought everything had died.

Why do I have lettuce growing in my yard? Because I got pissed that the lettuce seeds I had planted in a container decided not to sprout. So I tossed them into the yard. And they grew. Bastards.

Yard lettuce.

Makes a pretty decent little salad...just watch out for the grass.

If you’re interested in what we’ll be planting this year, check out my seed post.