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It Took Me Four Hours To Write 343 Words Because I’m Obsessed with Mockingjay and the ADD is Eating My Brain

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The Hunger Games Mockingjay pin

I meant to start this post several hours ago and then I got caught up in the third book of The Hunger Games series. If you haven't read any of these books then you're rolling your eyes at me right now and I don't blame you. You can get The Hunger Games Trilogy [I get a ...

Moar Kill Cams with Skyrim 1.5 Update

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skyrim dragon

If your Skyrim game just wasn't bloody enough for you, the 1.5 update is sure to wet your blood thirsty whistle. The 1.5 update--available on Steam and coming "soon" to PS3 and 360 --adds new kill cams for projectile weapons and spells and "new kill moves and animations for melee weapons." This one seems like a ...

Diablo III Gets a May 15th 2011 Release Date and Pre-Order Diablo III Now

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Diablo III 3 screenshot

Diablo III finally has an official release date:May 15, 2012. Know what that means, right? Pre-order time! Considering people are still playing Diablo II--which came out back in 2000--Diablo III is a guaranteed blockbuster and I expect the game to be pretty scarce for a while. Summer blockbuster? Oh yeah. Pre-order Diablo III from the official Blizzard ...

Amazing Mashup of Adele and Daft Punk – Something About the Fire

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adele singing image from official site

I actually discovered this on the 12th so there's a really good chance that you'll have heard this before you hear it here. As you may or may not know, I love Adele and Cara just might love her more than me. I figure there are worse singers for Caroline to love than a singer ...

Tutorial: Creating Page Jumps or How To Link Something In a Post To Something Else in That Post

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Page jumps have confounded me for entirely too long. I've seen a billion different examples and nothing worked for my borked brain. Then my brain got the page jump concept and I'm going to share it with you. First, I'll show you an example [Go right to tutorial!] and then I'll show you how to accomplish a page ...

Plural of Octopus: Octopi or Octopuses?

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Spinterest TOS

I first heard about the video below [jump to video] from my cousin Edward and his wife Heather. I thought it was one of the funniest things I had heard that month. Then again, it could have had a lot to do with Edward's delivery. This all came about from something Heather showed me on Skype: It ...

Spiderman Dancing to Numa Numa Song or When Cara and Tucker Should Have Been Asleep

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Cara and Tucker should totally be asleep.

What happens when I miss a dose of my meds and then take them earlier than normal? I stay up and am productive and schedule posts on Sims 3 Gamer for the next three weeks. Yay for productivity! However, as I'm writing this, it's after 1100 and Cara is in our bed after an EPIC freak out. ...

Gaming Video of the Week that Means Something To Me: Mass Effect 3

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Mass Effect 3 Launch

Last Saturday I posted the "Top Five YouTube Gaming Videos for This Week" and I had planned on doing that for this week. And I missed Saturday. Because I was watching Tucker play Mass Effect 3. [affiliate link] I don't play Mass Effect. I haven't EVER played Mass Effect. I watch Tucker play. The story is ...

Does Jesus Have a Uterus?

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Church steeple

Tucker always says that this is my site and that I can write whatever I want and that if someone doesn't like what I have to say then they don't have to read it. Tucker obviously doesn't have a blog and therefore doesn't worry about offending anyone or hurting people's feelings. Scratch that. Even if Tucker ...

You Can’t Beat Talking Animal Videos Or At Least You Shouldn’t Since That Would Be Like Animal Abuse By Proxy, Right?

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My Header is Janked Because, Ollie’s Ear and a Startup’s Awesome Video

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If any of you were wondering why my header is all janked, just know that it's not that much my fault. The charger for Darwin's battery kind of split in two and since it's pretty important electronic shocky stuff be all in ONE piece, I was doubly screwed. I'm currently on Tucker's laptop. The laptop ...

Cara’s Trip to the ER

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Cara at the ER

I'm writing this super early today before I finally crawl into bed. What's funny is that I'm usually up this late but after you've spent hours in an ER, you get a bit bushed. Ollie had his ENT appointment yesterday and we were up and moving much earlier than is normal for us. Cara mentioned a "bump" ...