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My Favorite Songs From The Hunger Games Soundtrack and The Civil Wars

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I have to apologize to everyone on Facebook who is one of my friends. I'm sorry I've been playing The Civil Wars repeatedly on Spotify and that you have to see every time I replay so song. In my defense, it all started with an obsession with The Hunger Games soundtrack and then morphed into ...

Night Time Stalemate

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crescent moon

We're back to having issues with Cara and Ollie staying in their own beds Maybe we never completely stoppedwith issues. We're all about issues around this house; Tucker and I might start renting them out. Renting the issues not the kids. You don't rent kids. You sell them. Or so I've heard. Anyway. I grabbed a ...

In My Garden

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Radishes and Rainbow Swiss Chard

It's been about a month since I last wrote about my garden and it's time to give you an update. Between the last time and now, I've managed to kill several plants but keep most of them alive. I've started looking at more seeds since my goal is to keep growing through the seasons. Tucker says ...

Kids React to Skype Laughter Chain Video

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I'm going to make your Friday even better than it already is.

I Don’t Know Either But Read It Anyway Cause That’ll Make Me Happy

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This is one of those posts where I had a bunch of little things to write about but nothing that inspired me to dedicate much time to writing a post on each thing. Make sense? On to the little things. My text to Tucker, "Can we hire a nanny?" I never got a response. From Tucker: "Rabbit feet are ...

There’s a Dead Bunny On My Porch

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bunny gratify on a wall

How's THAT for one hell of a title? We heard the mail truck--the thing is seriously loud--and the kids and I went out to see what the dude had left us. Some of our neighbors were outside and I was wearing less than flattering attire so I turned us around and as we were about to head ...

Doctor Who and Donna Complete with Gifs

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Donna Noble Doctor Who Tardis picture

I always feel like I have to excuse myself for being a huge dork even though you ALL know I'm a huge dork. It's not like it's a secret or something. I'm going to be talking about Doctor Who--rather good comments in this other Doctor Who post--again. This is where I excuse myself for being ...

I Need a Peephole in My Door

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Green door

Just had a door-to-door salesman dude show up--second one since we moved here in November. He was selling magazines trying to "earn points so he can be promoted and be a mentor." He "came from the ghetto and just wants a promotion." The whole thing is a scam and it's been proven as such many, ...

For Posterity Not Posteriority Or We Registered Cara for Kindergarten

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Kindergarten paperwork

Yesterday was one of those days parents are supposed to remember and reminisce about as they're sending their kid off to college or maybe watching them be walked down the aisle. Or something. That's why I'm writing this. So I won't forget. To win against the memory monster because I know I'll forget this day if I ...

Dr. Who Shirts I Lust After

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Dr. Who Keep Calm and Don't Blink Shirt

We've finally started watching Dr. Who after a hiatus that lasted several months. A couple of episodes were just "off" and the thrill was gone. Or something. Am I the only one who thinks Rose was the best companion? Tucker doesn't get why I still pine for Rose. Martha Jones doesn't hold a candle to Rose. This could ...

Happy Ninth Birthday, Sophie

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Sophie the Pit Bull

Is it bad that I had to search the site for "Happy Birthday, Sophie" so I could remember how old the dog turned yesterday? As we were getting ready for bed, Tucker stuck his head out of the bathroom and said, "You realize that dog's TEN now, right? "No. She's nine. Really. I think. OK. ...