Brighter Day

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I meant to write this day before yesterday but got distracted several times.

I accomplished my entire list on Monday.

  1. Take a shower.
  2. Brush teeth.
  3. Put on makeup.
  4. Perfectly french braid Cara’s hair for gym.
  5. Figure out where I put Ollie’s form for gym so he can start this summer.
  6. Make dinner.
  7. Get to sleep before midnight. [It was a few minutes after midnight.]

The lump in my throat was gone Tuesday. In fact, it started to get better soon after I wrote Monday’s post. Maybe I really should write when I feel like shit and then that will fix things? So is writing akin to talk therapy for me? Tucker’ll be happy if that’s the case since writing is a hell of lot more less expensive than therapy.

Tucker’s going to be all like:

Not feeling very motivated today just kind of…

Ollie and I haven’t gotten into it today and after the hell of the past two days, I consider a fightless day [Knock.On.Wood.] a blessing.

Like I could get through a post without at least one gif. It’s what I do, folks. It’s who. I. Am. Not really. They just make me happy.

And now I have to write the post I owe Atlus for the Game of Thrones game that hit Tuesday. Not looking forward to that post very much; I don’t like having to be “mean.”