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Guess You Don’t Look Like You’re Going To Suck Too Bad, Assassin’s Creed 3

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Assassins Creed 3 III Frontier Conoe Online Screenshot

I'm not a fan of this franchise and you can just go ahead and shut your stupid head mouth right now about that little fact. Or something. I didn't mind the first Assassin's Creed too much--except for the repetitiveness--and the world was rich and the story somewhat interesting. But after that first one I lost interest. Now we ...

Back To School Wardrobe for Cara the Kindergartener

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Yo Gaba Gaba Kid Dancing

Up until this year, we've never had to worry too much about what either of the kids wore. Sure they had a couple of "dressy" outfits but, for the most part, they hang out in t-shirts. Sometimes they fall asleep in their clothes and wake up the next day fully clothed and Tucker and I ...