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Diary Entry 8.31.12

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Matron's Diary

Paperwork from Cara's School and the Missing Blue Thing I'm assuming the beginning of every school year includes a ridiculous amount of paperwork and forms and "give us money for this" and "give us money for that" and "Please donate because if you don't everyone will know you hate your children and secretly want to sell ...

Condoleezza Rice’s RNC Speech Video In Case You Didn’t Get To See It All Either

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Trafalgar Square silver elephant

I was watching Condoleezza Rice's speech and PBS cut her off to go to a "commercial" right after a very emotional part of the speech and I was SO ANGRY! AMY SMASH! Since I can't be the only person who missed the whole speech last night, I'm putting it up here. You're welcome. Read the ...

Kindergarten: One Week Gone

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Cara After School 8.28.12

We have officially made it through our first week of kindergarten and we're all in one piece. Life has gone on. None of us have been stumbling around like zombies in search of juicy brains. I'm just as surprised as you. Yesterday was the first day Cara was excited about school when I picked her up. Entire ...

Apparently I’m the Singing Target English Teacher

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Target English teacher video

What Is a Gamer?

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gamer chick

Guten Morgen, mein Freund! I have a new job as a Senior Editor [Impressive, no?] at this new gaming awesomeness called Frontburnr; the site isn't live yet but it will be very soon. What I'm writing right now revolves around one question: what is a gamer? I have my own ideas and they'll be included in my piece--duh--but ...

Cara’s First Day of Kindergarten

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Cara at her desk first day of kindergarten

Today is the first day Cara has ever been anywhere other than with me or with our family. Well, there was this one time when she stayed with our friends, Alana and Parker, but she's known them since she was an infant. Today was Cara's first day of school. Kindergarten. And, yes, I am going to bore you with ...

Along Came a Spider

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Garden Spider

I Organized the Bathroom

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Cleaning the bathroom

Specifically, I removed all of my junk from our bathroom counter. I don't remember the last time I could see my sink. Somehow stuff started migrating to my sink and eventually filled it and then started spilling over to Tucker's side. Sometimes it would get to Tucker and he would shove all of my stuff back ...

Wake the Hell Up Boot Camp

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Red Alarm Clock

The last time I had to wake up at the same time everyday was when I worked at the Mayo Clinic. Do you have any idea how long ago that was? Cara will be six in November. I quit Mayo as soon as I found out I was pregnant with her. It's been a while, folks. Quite ...

Garden Update Bug Edition

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The garden has become somewhat of an epic fail. Correction: what's doing awesome is REALLY doing awesome and what's sucking is REALLY sucking. The purple basil is something I'm proud of. I managed to raise one plant from seed and the second plant came from me pruning the first. I don't use this type in cooking--I have ...

I Talked with My Birth Mother and Biological Brother

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Pink Dahlia

Monday felt like a week. After my "freak out" post--that's what I'm going to start calling it--I did all this ugly crying crap for entirely too long to be considered healthy and woke up with my eyes so swollen I could hardly see. I was hot. Come to find out, my biological mother had messaged me on ...

My Life In Bullet Points

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adoption receipt

I need to preface this--very long--post with some background stuff. My mom gave me my adoption records a long time ago. I've gone through them several times. They were put in our lock box and forgotten. Yesterday, Tucker was going through paperwork and sat a stack of papers in front of me and told me to go ...