Garden Update Bug Edition

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The garden has become somewhat of an epic fail.

Correction: what’s doing awesome is REALLY doing awesome and what’s sucking is REALLY sucking.

Sophie the Pit Bull

Unimpressed Sophie is unimpressed

The purple basil is something I’m proud of. I managed to raise one plant from seed and the second plant came from me pruning the first. I don’t use this type in cooking–I have columnar basil in one of the beds for when I need basil for a recipe. I love how ornamental it is and when it bolts, the flowers are gorgeous.

Flowering Purple Basil

The tomatoes have been a thorn in my side from the beginning. I didn’t give them enough close light when I started them so they grew leggy. I replanted them super deep but transplanted them to the boxes entirely too early. Then, once they were all transplanted, I lost the diagram I created so I would know what was planted where.

I’ve only managed to harvest six of the Black Cherry tomatoes and two of the Green Zebra tomatoes. So much for a bountiful harvest.

Green Zebra Tomato

It took them a bit but the Mexican Sour Gerkins have finally taken off…and taken over that bed. Good thing they’re cute.

Sour Mexican Gerkin

I’m not quite sure what kind of insect this is but it didn’t bother me and wasn’t camera shy. I named him Lenny. If he’s a she then she’s Lenore.

Mexican Gerkin Wasp

When I first started talking about a garden, everyone warned me off of planting too many tomatoes and peppers. I’m waiting to be overwhelmed. This is one of the few sweet pepper plants that has produced anything.

Sweet Pepper

Cara’s lavender plant has pretty much stayed the same size since it was planted but it keeps blooming, keeps smelling and good and it makes her happy. And it cost a dollar. All very good reasons I don’t mind it hanging out.

Lavender Flower

I didn’t think the purple okra was ever going to do…well…anything. It kept growing up but there weren’t any signs of actual okra. Then I saw this giant flower from the back porch. That flower turned into the rather yummy okra I had with lunch.

Okra Flower and Ant

Cross your fingers for more tomatoes? Please?