I Organized the Bathroom

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Specifically, I removed all of my junk from our bathroom counter.

I don’t remember the last time I could see my sink. Somehow stuff started migrating to my sink and eventually filled it and then started spilling over to Tucker’s side. Sometimes it would get to Tucker and he would shove all of my stuff back over on my side. Other times he’d just bitch.

Here’s what it looked like; I regret I didn’t get a picture of the actual sink full of crap.

Just imagine ALL OF THE STUFF in the floor living in the sink. Except for the black thing, the diaper box and the blue chevron box; all the stuff IN those things were in the sink.

Cleaning the bathroom

Just noticed I took a picture of the clean counter top. Oops.

It took me 15 minutes just to clean all of that stuff out. Part of the time was riding herd on Cara since she wanted to “help” and that meant she was throwing stuff away that should be kept and playing with everything else.

Then there was the issue of the green scissors and her trying to convince me she should cut her own hair. That was a fight I won. Until today.

I had to use the same scissors today to trim the basil–it was trying to take over the garden–and it took her entirely too long to bring the scissors out. I asked her what had taken so long and she told me she couldn’t find them.

Come to find out, she had cut off a couple of pieces of hair. I only discovered the truth because she hadn’t thrown all of the hair away.

Nice, huh? But not really on point. Doh!

Organized bathroom:

organized bathroom


If this lasts more than a week then I’m doing good…