Cara’s First Day of Kindergarten

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Today is the first day Cara has ever been anywhere other than with me or with our family. Well, there was this one time when she stayed with our friends, Alana and Parker, but she’s known them since she was an infant.

Today was Cara’s first day of school.


And, yes, I am going to bore you with pictures.

deal with it gif Here’s Cara right before we all piled into my SUV:

Cara first day of kindergarten Those things on her feet?

Twinkle Toes.

Or as I like to call them: hideous-shoes-my-daughter-loves-which-have-so-many-colors-on-them-they’ll- go-with-ANY-outfit-and-light-up-with-such-frequency-they-should-come-with-a-warning-for-photosensitive-epileptics.

There was a herd of parents and kids outside the school and at least half of the moms had DSLR cameras around their necks. I asked Tucker if they were all going to go home and post the pictures on their mommy blogs. He just rolled his eyes at me.

Here is Cara in front of the school:

Cara in front of school

Cara at her desk. Don’t let the smile fool you; the kid was shell shocked and freaking out a bit.

Cara at her desk first day of kindergarten

Last night I figured I was going to get all emotional and embarrass everyone.

I assumed I would look something like this

blonde hysterically crying gif

but with better hair.

Instead I was all like this

since I didn’t cry.

But Tucker was kind of

robert downey jr cry

though he pretended he was fine.
This is Ollie after we dropped Cara off at school, went to his gymnastics class and then grabbed lunch at Mellow Mushroom:

Ollie at Mellow Mushroom

This is Tucker being a good boy and coloring quietly before we ate lunch:

Tucker coloring at Mellow Mushroom

There was a mishap when we went to pick Cara up since we all just walked to the school instead of driving–which the school thought we were doing. Since it was the first day of school, things were crazy anyway and we weren’t helping things by deciding to walk up to the school.

When we finally extricated Cara from the school, calmed her down since she thought we had deserted her and talked with her a bit, I asked her if she was excited to go back to school tomorrow.

Her response?


Maybe this school thing will grow on her.

zooey deschanel don't know gif