Kindergarten: One Week Gone

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We have officially made it through our first week of kindergarten and we’re all in one piece.

Life has gone on. None of us have been stumbling around like zombies in search of juicy brains. I’m just as surprised as you.

Yesterday was the first day Cara was excited about school when I picked her up. Entire good days were marred last week by one or two “bad” things like having to wait in the hall until her name got called for her to head out to our car. This has been a big adjustment for the little girl who has never even been to daycare.

She’s doing great and Ollie’s doing great, as well.

The lack of fighting during the day is a blessing I had never even thought to wish for and I’ve noticed I like both of my kids a lot more; I have a lot more patience.

Added bonus I hadn’t expected.

Cara After School 8.28.12

Today, Cara told me she has a boyfriend.

Snape Oh reall?

“Does he know that?” I asked.

“Of course! I tell him everyday!” Cara looked over her shoulder at me like I had five heads…or no head…

“You do realize it’s usually the boys who start all that, right?

“I can’t believe that! I put all my life to get a boyfriend and I’ve already lost one!

I’m not quite sure what she meant by that statement but she MEANT IT. I’m amazed she didn’t slump off the couch from the vapors.

The drop off/pick up lane gets crazy full, crazy fast so even though our house is less than a mile away, I have to get to the school about 45 minutes early to make sure I’m not fighting assholes who cut past everyone and then expect to merge in like they didn’t do anything assholish.

Assholes in the pick up line.

Those vehicles on the left? Driven by assholes.

Since we get in line so early, I make sure Ollie has his InnoTab and a bag of pretzels and that Sophie has gone pee cause we’re going to be sitting for a while. Surprisingly enough, that time’s been pretty enjoyable. The biggest complaint is the heat but it hasn’t gotten above 93 so we just suck it up, keep the windows down and drink lots of water.

I love this one. It looks like they’re both smiling.

We’re slowly but surely getting into the swing of things. Give it a month or two and I probably won’t be able to remember a time when Cara wasn’t in school.