Diary Entry 8.31.12

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Paperwork from Cara’s School and the Missing Blue Thing

I’m assuming the beginning of every school year includes a ridiculous amount of paperwork and forms and “give us money for this” and “give us money for that” and “Please donate because if you don’t everyone will know you hate your children and secretly want to sell them to the Chinese for the iPhone plants.”

It leaves me feeling…

Screw Paperwork

I remembered reading on one of these many, many papers that Cara and her class were going to be going to the school library at some point in the near future. Her teacher mentioned that if the…she either wrote “blue card” or “blue paper” hadn’t been returned then my kid couldn’t check out a book. I had already turned in one blue card so I wasn’t worried. I had already done THAT thang.



Then, today, I found a blue sheet labeled LIBRARY FORM.

So I’ve worried about that all day which was great.

Cara cut her hair. Again. Third time, folks.

Judge Judy rolling eyes

This is also the third time she’s lied about it which is fantastic. To top it all off, her lying style is evolving.

It’s moved from, “I don’t know,” to saying she needs to get her socks out of the truck–which lives in the garage with our main trashcan. That would have been fine except for the fact Cara had a wad of her hair in her hand and some janked up bangs up on her head.

Way to tell on yourself, kid.

Tucker told me to leave Cara’s hair alone; her interesting hairstyle would be punishment enough for that infraction. But the lying earned her no InnoTab until Monday.

Let’s talk politics!



“If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

This time last presidential election cycle, I was heavily pregnant with Oliver. I wasn’t a fan of Obama and I wasn’t a fan of McCain. I was very active on Twitter, and had been for a while, and wanted to quit the shit because of how NASTY people were being. I assumed my perception was clouded by the pregnancy hormones which had turned me into an evil, evil bitch.

I now realize Twitter is a cesspool during elections.

Facebook is the same way.

I have unfollowed and unfriended several people I very much respected because they got so damn nasty.

The kind of nasty where you sit there and go

Say wah

and you know you won’t be able to forget how fucking horrible they’ve shown themselves to be.

Everyone feels SO MUCH. THEY ARE RIGHT. And they 100% believe that. It’s left the realm of intellectual debate and has ventured into the realm of fanaticism.

People get internet tough and everyone wants to put everyone else in a neat, little box: with me or against me.

Here’s the thing, kids.

MOST people are in the middle. MOST people can see the good and bad in both presidential candidates. The FAR Left and FAR Right don’t represent the majority; those sides just make the most noise.

Eddie Izzard fingers in ears

If you watched Clint Eastwood’s “speech” then you heard him say something to the effect that there are Conservatives and such in Hollywood but they essentially don’t announce themselves. I’m sure I could search for a link to the full text of his “speech” but…yeah.

clint eastwood angry

Clint, what the fuck?

He did have some good points. According to the Daily Caller, Clint Eastwood had four good points.

The blogosphere is a lot like Hollywood: everyone seems very Liberal and that’s not the case. I know of a couple of well-known bloggers who are VERY conservative but you wouldn’t know that from their online personas.

Why am I even bringing this up?

I’m too conservative for most Liberals and too liberal for most Conservatives. I’m the MIDDLE. I’m the most folks. You probably are too.

Everyone agrees bullying is a horrible thing but so many ADULTS do the exact thing they warn their kids against.

Don’t let someone’s opinion stop you from saying what you hold to be true.

Get both sides of the story! Watch both conventions! Make up your own mind! Own your decision!

And when someone thinks they have the right to disrespect your opinions, your views, your truths?

Dolly Parton Fuck You