Notarized Field Trip Slip?

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Cara brought home her “Wednesday Folder” today–it’s always packed full of forms and requests for money–and along with her work from the past week, there was a stapled group of permissions slips for me to sign and get notorized. Notorized. NOTORIZED.

I’m not quite sure why this bugs me so much.

First off, I have to send a check for $10 for the trip; we’ve already sent in a check for the custom shirt she’s supposed to create for the trip.

Then there’s the issue of what to do with Ollie since he’s home with me. This is supposed to be like the field trip to attend since there’s no limit on people who can come along and it’s at a pumpkin patch.

But if I go, Tucker’s going to have to take off work to keep Ollie or we can all go and Tucker still has to take off. I guess the other option is for just Cara to go but she’s excited about us all going.

Back to the notary thing.

Maybe I’m annoyed cause this is such a pain in my ass? I’m probably–most likely–overreacting.

The trip is across state lines and according to the information sheet,  the district’s policy is any overnight and/or out of county trips have this sort of treatment. Aren’t we going to have to pay to have this done? And I don’t care if it’s only five bucks; it’s the fact I have to pay to sign a stupid permission slip.

What do you think? Dumb of them or dumb of me?

*Edited 9.27.12*

After a conversation with Mom, I realized I didn’t specify the permission slip isn’t what has to be notorized. It’s the medical release form that has to be notorized.