NaNoWriMo Day One Halloween and the Halloween Wreath

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Today was the first day of NaNoWrimo and I’m pretty sure I done good.

I met my writing goal for the day–2k words–and identified a bunch of holes I missed. Like three important characters that didn’t have names and two organizations that also didn’t have names. I fixed the people naming issue but the organizations are going to take some work.

Also? Speculum is Latin for mirror.

Raja and Jasmine

Yesterday was Halloween.

I took the kids around the neighborhood while Tucker handed out candy.

Cara and Ollie Halloween 2012

We hit up a lot of houses and kept at it until it got full dark. It was time for baths and bed and I sat the candy bowl on a chair on our front porch and hoped the visiting kids would be nice and share.

I came back out about an hour later to a bare bowl. I hope more than one kid got some candy cause there was A LOT of candy in that bowl when I set it out.

And now it’s November and Thanksgiving is coming up fast. I guess that means I have to make a new wreath…even though I just finished our Halloween wreath.

Halloween Snake Wreath 2012

I think the Halloween wreath is going to hang for a bit. I have a book to write or something.