Happy Last Day of Being Five, Cara!

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Today is the last day of Cara being five. This is the bag Mom bought Cara for her birthday tomorrow. Cara has decided she’s going to use the bag as her backpack.

Cara's Hello Kitty purse

Tomorrow is her party; we’re having it at the local hands-on science center. We’re paying for it but the package includes the cake and ice cream and a present for Cara and party favors and most important? I don’t have to clean anything.

Yoda dancing

Today ended the second day of NaNoWriMo. And yes, yes I will [probably] mention NaNoWriMo everyday. I’m participating so it’s something I’m interested in and it gives me something to write about. However, I do realize reading about someone else’s word counts is a lot like reading about someone else’s workout: the only person who gives a shit is the person doing the activity.

dr who sorry

And now I’m going to talk about my word count some more.

shirley temple giggle
I’m at 6098 words right now. Maybe I’ll write some more tonight. Probably not. Writing was a bitch today. The words just didn’t flow and I know what I’m not enjoying what I’m writing as much as I enjoyed what I wrote of this book before I started on NaNoWriMo. And I realized about 4500 words into NaNoWriMo that I had been writing in the incorrect voice the whole time.


Today was also a day when nasty self-doubt started creeping in and I almost tossed in the towel. I’m better for right now but the scope of this novel is exhausting. I told that to Tucker last night and he just shrugged his shoulders. Cause what am I going to do, right? Not write it?

Cara’s party isn’t until 1500 so I plan on holing up in the bedroom for writing sprints until I get my 2k words written tomorrow.

I will do this thang.

party rockin zebra