Fekkai’s Essential Shea Ultra Rich Mask To Repair Hair Abuse

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My hair hates Alabama.

We have hard water and my hair has pretty much given up looking shiny like it did when we lived in Arkansas. Every now and then I’ll get lucky and my hair won’t look like a Brillo pad but that doesn’t happen very often. I cut the build up by using dish soap. All you do is replace your regular shampoo for dish soap and wash your hair like you normally would.

You can also use four parts water to one part apple cider vinegar and either spray that on your hair until it’s saturated or you can just dump the stuff on your head. Let it hang out on your hair for a few minutes and then rinse it out. The soap cuts everything off of your hair–including just about every bit of moisture your hair has ever possessed–and the vinegar leaves my hair feeling dry too. So, after I get done torturing my hair, I have to deep condition it.

I used to use mayo–don’t laugh–or olive oil but now I use Fekkai’s Essential Shea Ultra Rich Mask. It’s a heck of a lot easier to get out of my hair and I don’t feel like I’m part of recipe when I get out of the shower.

Fekkai Essential Shea Ultra Rich Mask

Going from using the¬†mayonnaise¬†and olive oil I already had in the kitchen to using a mask that costs $30 isn’t exactly an easy transition so sales are always welcomed. And it’s not like I use the mask every night or anything; I probably use it once a month when I think my hair’s really looking like crap and needs some extra pampering. A little bit goes a long way and your hair will be ridiculously soft once you’re done.

Right now Fekkai has a promotion going on where, if you spend $50, you get 10% off your order and a sparkly holiday headband. Since there’s also a shampoo and conditioner for this particular Fekkai line, you shouldn’t have any problem spending enough to qualify for the discount and the headband. There are 12 collections by Fekkai so you’re bound to find a product that meets your hair’s needs.

Fekkai Holiday Promotion sale