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I Broke the Toilet

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Cracked Toilet

So this happened last night: Take a look at the bottom of the tank. See that crack? The water in the tank really appreciated that crack since that crack made it possible for the water to attack my bathroom and me. We are now a one toilet house. This sucks.

The Parent-Teacher Conference

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Cara and Ollie 10.6.12

Today has been an enlightening day. After my post about Cara's anxiety over school, I was ready to get her school stuff sorted out and get on with life. Tucker was home today so we had plenty of time to discuss what we wanted to talk about with Cara's teacher. Looking back on my post, I worry it ...

I Feel Like I Failed My Baby

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Cara's White Dahlia

"I have something to confess: my clip hasn't moved up to the top every day." That was Friday pickup. The way class discipline goes is Cara has a clothes pin that starts out on "Ready To Learn." Her clip can move up two spaces and down two spaces. There's nothing wrong--in our eyes--with her clip staying at Ready to ...

Ukulele Orchestra Video Made of Awesome

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The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

Everyone has their way of winding down from the day. Cara and Ollie like to freak the hell out for no reason cause they get punchy when they get tired so they wind down by driving us crazy. Sophie does this weird slurpy, licking thing and it's just...yeah. Sophie, stop that? I sit on the back ...

Sophie the Pit Bull Ate a Box of Chicken Juice

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Sophie the Pit Bull is Guilty!

All of Cara's permission slips are due for her field trip[link] tomorrow so today was Errand Day. The way things work when we get ready to leave the house is I make sure Ollie's gone to the bathroom, I make sure he's put his pants back on, I grab my phone, I make sure our bathroom door ...

Notarized Field Trip Slip?

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school bus

Cara brought home her "Wednesday Folder" today--it's always packed full of forms and requests for money--and along with her work from the past week, there was a stapled group of permissions slips for me to sign and get notorized. Notorized. NOTORIZED. I'm not quite sure why this bugs me so much. First off, I have to send ...

There’s Gonna Be A Whole Lotta Changes

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Expect the site to be broken occasionally. That's not to say you should stop coming by; I didn't say that at all. And you should be able to actually GET here...I just don't know what it'll look like once you're here. You might notice I've moved and added and deleted some stuff. More stuff is to come. I ...

Soul Discussions and Dust: An Elysian Tail

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A while back I downloaded the demo for Dust: An Elysian Tail.   I had heard nothing but good things from Sm1tty about the game and I didn't have any cash on me and wanted something solid to play around with while I waited for my next check. You know a demo's doing it right when it's ...

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The Dog Didn’t Eat Cara’s Homework But She Might As Well Have

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Part of the "required gear" for kindergarten kids is a sign on their backpacks with their name, who is picking them up, make and color of car and the adult's phone number. I worked one up in Photoshop and had Tucker print off multiple versions we could change out if she was walking or if ...

World Suicide Prevention Day: Choose To Live

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You're not the only one who is feeling like this and even though you don't believe me, there are people who really do care if you die. There are people you will hurt. People you will decimate. People who want to support you. People who want to see you better. The hardest thing you can do ...

Diary Entry 8.31.12

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Matron's Diary

Paperwork from Cara's School and the Missing Blue Thing I'm assuming the beginning of every school year includes a ridiculous amount of paperwork and forms and "give us money for this" and "give us money for that" and "Please donate because if you don't everyone will know you hate your children and secretly want to sell ...

Condoleezza Rice’s RNC Speech Video In Case You Didn’t Get To See It All Either

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Trafalgar Square silver elephant

I was watching Condoleezza Rice's speech and PBS cut her off to go to a "commercial" right after a very emotional part of the speech and I was SO ANGRY! AMY SMASH! Since I can't be the only person who missed the whole speech last night, I'm putting it up here. You're welcome. Read the ...