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That One Time I (Kinda) Had Cancer

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One morning, when I was 14, I was quite rudely awakened by a knife in my stomach.  At least that's what it felt like.  I don't know how long I laid on the tiny, black and white tiles in my bathroom with nothing on but my birthday suit and just sweat. Buckets and buckets of sweat.  If I moved, ...

It’s Not OK To Let Your Dog Run Loose and You’re an Asshole If You Do

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I have lots of feels tonight, people so you're basically going to serve as my best-friend/therapist/sounding board/something. Just listen. Err...read. And if you're feeling all TL:DR, you can get to the main point by clicking here. This is a rather long, ranty, gif filled post of awesome but I know some of you can't handle ...

20 Things Every #Gifted Child Needs To Know…and Probably Everyone Else, Too

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Nervous kid gifNervous kid gif

When you’re a gifted, worrying, perfectionist seven year old kid, sometimes all that worry can literally make you sick. I figured listing out the things that WERE going to happen (but maybe she was worried they wouldn’t) would give Cara, my kid, a few less things (20, actually) to stress over. Seems to be working. Maybe it’ll work for you, too. Even if you’re not a seven year old girl.

On Partly Filled Notebooks and Corn Shuck Dolls

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Even though there hasn't been much new content here, I haven't stopped writing. I got back into the habit of writing things out long-hand in my notebooks. This is how I started way back when I first started Taste Like Crazy. Cara was a (rather loud) baby then and I would sit on our porch when ...

You’re Now Part of the Inner Squash Thing Circle

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Baby ninja dragon slayer

This year's garden had three unexpected residents: crooked neck squash. I like squash just fine (sautéed in bacon grease with onions, thankyouverymuch) but Cara and Ollie hadn't ever been exposed to the vegetable. This was a "teaching moment" and the kids would grow to love the bumpy, funny shaped, yummy, yellow things. Little problem though. I had ...

Kilbeggan Traditional Irish Whiskey Review and Cocktail Recipes

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Kilbeggan Traditional Irish Whiskey

One of the perks of reviewing products is when the product I'm sent to review is some sort of alcohol. Cause seriously? You can't beat that with a stick. Right? (Thank you, Molly, for being so patient with me. Molly's the awesome lady who sent me this to review and life happened and it's taken me ...

Recipe: Simple Syrup

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Simple Syrup recipe

Even though I have a whole category dedicated to Food and Drink, I haven't posted a recipe for Simple Syrup (It's included in a lot of cocktail recipes so I'm a bit chagrined to have overlooked this.). Simple Syrup isn't just for drinks. It's used in all sorts of recipes and comes in handy for sweetening cold ...

Recipe: Homemade Pancakes From Homemade Instant Pancake Mix

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Homemade Instant Pancake Mix

Believe it or not, your pancakes won’t stick to your pan if the pan is hot enough. Promise. I made 12 of these bad boys Saturday and not a one stuck. I didn’t think it was possible either but I listened to the wise man who is Alton Brown and he didn’t let me down. Here’s ...

A Rant: You Say Theory. You Mean Hypothesis. Stop. It.

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Ok, people. Let's clear something up. Ready? I'm gonna kindergarten it down for you. Hypothesis: When you have an idea which can be tested. Theory: A hypothesis you've tested and your peers have tested and your findings (and their's) have been replicated by you and your peers. Lots of times. Everything comes out groovy at the end. Law: When you, ...

Channeling the Ant: I Promise It’s Not What You’re Expecting

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There's a double-edged sword thing when it comes to being diagnosed as "cyclothymic." On the one hand, I count my damn blessings I'm not Bipolar I or II; I cycle too quickly to meet the criteria for either. On the other hand/edge/whatever, I'm still left with murmurs of the aforementioned disorders and they still dick with my ...

The Post Where Marvin the Note, a.k.a., My Phone Decided To Publish a Post When It Shouldn’t Have. Asshole.

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Massive storm rolled through this morning and knocked out our intertubes. I suspect the kids are going to lose their tiny brains. I'm relegated to Marvin the Note and the urge to write ALL THE THINGS on my sites...which, of course, I can't. Guess behind internetless isn't SO bad since I need to finish this image for ...

Happy NINTH Anniversary, jerk.

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happy anniversary

Welp, yesterday was Tucker and my anniversary. I don't remember what year the blessed event occurred; I use Sophie's age (minus two one years) to keep up with the quantity of years. I figure if I remember the month and day, I'm doing pretty good. And normally I do. Except for this year. Correction on my math: Apparently I'm only supposed ...