It Was the Moon Not the Sun AKA Cara Needs To Learn Moar Astronomy and Not Wake Us All Up

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I shared this picture on Facebook yesterday:

Must see stargazing events in 2013

Science is cool and planets and other celestial bodies make me happy.

What doesn’t make me happy?

Cara running into our bedroom at 4:30 this morning screaming, “Wake up, Mommy and Ollie! The sun’s coming up! Wake up!”

Go back to the image above and read #1. They should have included (in parenthesis) “Moon will be big as hell and wake six year olds up and then they’ll wake up their parents. Blindfold children before bed.”

Damn you, celestial bodies!

Ollie and I sat straight up in bed and I hollered at Cara to get back in bed. She ran to her room and talked to herself or something and I went back to sleep.

And then Ollie kicked me in the head. And Tucker started cursing because Ollie kicked Tucker in the face. Then I heard a kid screaming in the living room.

Cara was sitting on the couch watching Nanny 911 on Netflix. It was 5 AM. I told her to get her butt to bed. I went back to sleep.

She didn’t go back to bed. She stayed up and watched Netflix.

I know this because Tucker woke up muttering to himself about this family being the death of him or something. He sent Cara to bed and went to take a shower. I could hear him talking to himself through the closed bathroom door and over the running shower and bathroom fan. He sounded like a crazy old man.

As I lie in bed, I imagined he looked something like this in the shower


That’s pretty much how I felt, too. Sleepy puppy

I never did get back to sleep.

Breakfasts were made, I actually put on a bra and makeup and Cara is at school now. I have to advantage of being able to drink massive quantities of coffee.

I wonder just how tired she is right now…