Cara Has Pneumonia

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So yesterday turned out to be more of an adventure than I had planned.

Shortly after I posted about Cara getting up at the ass crack of dawn, the nurse at Cara’s school called me. She thought I should come pick up Cara since Cara was “yawning a lot and was shivering.” The nurse said Cara’s temperature was 98.6 but she was concerned since she thought that temp was a bit high for such a little kid.

I showed up and rolled my eyes at the water works. I knew Cara was exhausted from getting up so early. I figured that’s where the tears were coming from. Nope.

“I was worried you were going to beat me!” she said.

You should have seen the look the nurse gave me. “You know that’s a reportable offense, right?” she asked me. She kind of laughed so I’m assuming she was joking and doesn’t really think we beat Cara.

Cara had punished herself enough for both of us so I bundled her up in the SUV and planned on going home. But Cara had felt hot on Monday and we had held her out of gym. She was coughing a lot. I figured if her doctor could get us in then we’d just run on over and make sure everything was OK with Ms. Drama.

This was us sitting in the waiting room about an hour later.

Sick Cara

Once we got in a room, things got scary pretty fast.

Cara’s temperature was almost 104. Her eyes were all hooded and she couldn’t stop crying. Motrin was the first thing we did. The nurse swabbed Cara for flu and did a finger stick to test her for pneumonia since Cara’s lungs sounded horrible. Cara had gotten herself so worked up about the finger stick that she spurted blood across the room. The nurse was quite impressed.

Cara’s WBC was 24. Normal range is 5.0-14.5. H. Flu came back negative. Pneumonia came back positive for mycoplasma. Poor Cara got a huge shot in her leg and a five day dose of meds.

We went back today to do another finger stick and check her white count and it’s down to 13 and she’s definitely feeling better. Heck, this is what she looked like before bed last night:

Cara feeling better.

If her fever spikes again then they’ll add a second antibiotic to the soup and Ollie has developed a cough and runny nose so he’s on a mild round of antibiotics to try and keep him from getting into the situation Cara was in.

This was today at the doctor’s:

Kids at the doctor.

Glad yesterday is long gone.

Dr. Who dancing