100 Days School Project: The Owl Tree

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Cara has attended 100 days of school. Mind officially blown. I’m not going to pull the whole, “MY BABY’S GROWING UP!!!” stuff. It’s just weird, you know?

Anyway, to celebrate the joyous day, the school is having all of the kids make displays with 100 things so they can all count them or something. It’s educational! Also an excuse to have the parents bring in bags of snacks so the kids can “count the food.” Which is kindergarten code for “eat stuff.”

Here’s what we came up with:

100 Days Owl School Project

Cara’s school mascot is the owl and we were originally going to do a paper tree and then stamp 100 owls all over the tree; I’m glad we changed our minds. But I will tell you 100 tiny silver stars are a huge pain in the butt…especially when you think a kid might have dropped a couple.

Yay, school!