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Download Photoshop CS2 for Free!

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CS2 Welcome screen

Free, I say! And I'm not even joking. I saw something about this fly by on Twitter and had to check it out for myself and, as you can see above, it's legit. Well, legit in as much as it's from Adobe's site and there's the serial numbers but I didn't download any of it because I ...

The Russians Say They’re Coming Back

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question mark sign

So I'm sitting at the computer and being productive as hell [That's a blatant lie but let's act like it's true.] and the doorbell rings. There's these two huge Russian dudes standing at the door. Boris A asks, "Are we too early?" in heavily accented English and laughs over his shoulder to Boris B. It's a little ...

My Favorite Posts on Taste Like Crazy from 2012

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happy new year

2012 has come to a close and now we're on to 2013. I can vividly remember it being 1990. I feel quite old all of a sudden. We've been in the house a year now. Cara started school. Tucker's almost done with his. I got offered a job. I found my biological mother and siblings. ...