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Ollie Broke Himself. Kind Of.

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Once it was all done, Ollie wanted a picture taken so he could look at his "snitches."

Before Tucker left, he joked about having to spend a week fixing all the stuff the kids and I broke while he was gone. Bet he wasn't expecting me to break a kid. OK. So I didn't break Ollie. Ollie broke himself. Well...I guess the chair broke Ollie but Ollie caused it so it's his fault. Right? You know ...

Single Mom for a Bit

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Tucker sets sail on a jet plane today for places far away. I know I got off easy when I was a Navy wife. Tucker was never deployed and the longest I was away from him--other than Boot--was when he did an AT in Key West for two weeks; I was a very lucky military wife. Does that mean ...

I Don’t Know What To Title This Other Than Receptionists at Shrinks’ Offices Should Have a Sense of Humor

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I discovered yesterday that I had overlapping appointments with my counselor and my shrink for today. Called and got the shrink rescheduled for a later time. Told the receptionist she was a "life saver." Me: "Wait! I don't mean like LITERALLY a life saver! Don't tell him I said that! I just mean you really helped me out!" Her--sounding rather ...

Cara’s Official Letter from the Tooth Fairy

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Note from Tooth Fairy

Tuesday I picked Cara up from school minus a front tooth. She had pulled it in the bathroom--and didn't even cry--and then promptly lost the thing. This put Tucker and me in a spot since we didn't have a tooth for the "Tooth Fairy" to retrieve and then replace with money. Wednesday was Cara's class's book fair day. ...

Get Happy and Room Cleaning Hipsters

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This is what happens when we send the kids to clean their rooms and the playroom: they put on strange outfits and demand to have their pictures taken. Though they look cute and ridiculous, they suck at picking up. Between Tucker and me, I bet we've made at least fifteen trips back to their areas. Each time ...


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Matron's Diary

I'm not sure how much this counts as a "diary entry" as much as it's kind of a news/what's been happening kind of thing. I have a job. I don't remember if I announced over here that Josh from Kmart Gamer fame asked me to be the Editor in Chief for his new startup which we're currently calling Project ...

How I Tell If Tucker’s Mad At Me

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flying toilet

Me: Are you mad at me? Tucker: {long pause} No. No, why? Me: The toilet seat is up. When you're mad at me you leave the toilet seat up. Tucker: I'm not mad at you! Me: I can't fix it if I don't know why you're mad at me. Tucker: ♪ I'm gonna kick you in the shins... ♪