Get Happy and Room Cleaning Hipsters

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This is what happens when we send the kids to clean their rooms and the playroom: they put on strange outfits and demand to have their pictures taken.

Though they look cute and ridiculous, they suck at picking up.

Between Tucker and me, I bet we’ve made at least fifteen trips back to their areas. Each time Cara is convinced they were finished with the picking up of the rooms.

I’m assuming the rooms will finally be picked up by the end of the year. Probably.

Cara the hipster.

What is Ollie wearing?

The two crazy hipsters.

The song below doesn’t have a whole lot to do with anything except Tucker has been watching a lot of Cowboy Bebop–I call it “his stories”–and this is the main theme which makes both Tucker and me quite happy.

It’s happy music.

Get happy.

3,2,1, let’s jam.