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Seven Gripes About the Differences Between The Silver Linings Playbook Book and Movie

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WARNING! This post contains spoilers, quotes from The Silver Linings Playbook book and I discuss the movie in detail. If you haven't read the book and/or seen the movie and you don't want to know what's gonna happen, I suggest you go read other awesome things I've written. For instance, you might check out "My Favorites" ...

Conversation with Tucker: Desert Island vs Deserted Island and Fabulous Camels [video]

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Tucker and I dropped the kids off with his folks yesterday. We now have six days of glorious freedom where we get to pretend we're just 30-something married people with a dog and no kids. Until we happen to find a kid sock somewhere or one of us remembers something cute one of them did. Or something. When ...

Are the Only Good Writers the Writers Whose Work Evolves? Let’s Discuss.

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I started The Fault in Our Stars last night. I stayed up until 3 am and finally drifted off to sleep on a wet pillow. Tucker and I have been longtime fans of John Green since we first discovered the YouTube channel he has with his brother Hank. Anyway, I was telling Tucker how I'm dreading reading anymore ...

Make Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

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Make homemade sidewalk chalk!

My kids consider any temperature above arctic to be perfect for playing outside and one of their favorite activities is to create epic masterpieces with sidewalk chalk on our driveway. The days have been in the 50s and 60s around here and that means it's chalk time. The problem we run into is, even when we buy the ...

Lawyer Readers? Free Hypothetical Wreck Advice? Not About Me. Nope.

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No parking anytime

Who feels like giving--free--legal advice for a hypothetical situation. Hypothetical because this SO didn't happen to me today. At. All. MY FRIEND--totally not me--stopped by the gas station outside of Walmart to grab a drink. She parked in front of the kiosk thing and left her kids in the car while she ran a short distance away. The ...