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Almost Lost Sophie This Morning

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Sophie the Wonder Pit Bull 4.17.13

Know what's fun? Being woken up by a dog that sounds like she's about to puke and then screams as she jumps off the bed. Lots of fun, let me tell you; I didn't go back to sleep. I ushered the old lady out back (She kept her tail tucked the whole time.) and once I was ...

Tucker’s Rice Krispie Chicken Treat Creation

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Chicken sculpted out of Rice Krispie treat

I volunteered at Cara's school on Friday for Fantastic Friday--or whatever it's called--where we [the parents] manned "stations" and the kids rotated through reading, science experiments and crafts. One of the crafts was a sheep made out of Cheerios and melted marshmallows. Basically a strange approximation of a sheep rice krispie treat. Unfortunately, Cara missed that station since she and ...

Happy Ten Years, Sophie the Wonder Pit Bull!

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Sophie the Wonder Pit Bull 10 Year Birthday

Today is Sophie the Wonder Pit Bulls tenth birthday! I saw this dumb dog be born. I put up with Tucker's bitching about her when she always chose his clothes to pee in when she was a puppy. Not to mention all of the things she destroyed because she decided to embrace her terrier side which ...