Happy Ten Years, Sophie the Wonder Pit Bull!

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Sophie the Wonder Pit Bull 10 Year Birthday

Sophie has decided to celebrate her birthday by sleeping. And snoring.

Today is Sophie the Wonder Pit Bulls tenth birthday!

I saw this dumb dog be born. I put up with Tucker’s bitching about her when she always chose his clothes to pee in when she was a puppy. Not to mention all of the things she destroyed because she decided to embrace her terrier side which mostly means she was an asshole. I’ve put up with the fact that, even though she’s supposed to be MY dog, Sophie chose Tucker to be her human.

Over the years, she and I have developed an appreciation for each other. I appreciate her for letting me cuddle with her sometimes and for not eating my children and she appreciates me because I feed her.

Sophie’s developed this big chesticle of a tumor on her chest and the vet suspects it might be a mast cell tumor. The doc wants to remove the tumor and then send it off to pathology to be tested but I’m going to push for him to aspirate the tumor prior to surgery. Time will tell what we’re dealing with here but jerk dog continues to act like the jerk she is and continues to be naughty and beg for food and shows no sign of discomfort other than her elbows–which we treat with medicine.

Here’s to hoping the tumor is benign and idiot is with us for several more years!

Happy birthday, jerk.