Tucker’s Rice Krispie Chicken Treat Creation

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I volunteered at Cara’s school on Friday for Fantastic Friday–or whatever it’s called–where we [the parents] manned “stations” and the kids rotated through reading, science experiments and crafts.

One of the crafts was a sheep made out of Cheerios and melted marshmallows. Basically a strange approximation of a sheep rice krispie treat. Unfortunately, Cara missed that station since she and I had to leave early so Tucker could get to his last weekend of eMBA classes.

We’re a rather crafty family–in more ways than one–and I knew we could create superior sheep.

The first attempt at the treats happened last night; I let Tucker ride herd over the kids and the three of them ended up making a pretty tasty concoction. It wasn’t strong enough to be molded into sheep. The next batch should turn out better.

But it wasn’t all a lost cause.

The stuff would stick together just long enough to shape it and then melt into a mass of sweet, crunchy goodness.

Tucker’s first attempt at rice krispie treat shaping:

Chicken sculpted out of Rice Krispie treat

Emma Watson giggle gif