Undefeatable, Prideful Caroline

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Taste Like Crazy Facebook Update

Whole thing started over the dumb sidewalk chalk I made her.

Cara wanted to go draw outside; I was 100% cool with that. I told her to get me a ponytail holder so I could put up her hair. She told me to hold on because she was going to get the chalk. Since she had to go through the garage–where the chalk lives–to get to the driveway, I told her to just get me the holder. She got the chalk. Bad move.

Tucker called Cara on what she had done and sat her in timeout.

After four rounds of six minute timeouts–and getting talked with at the end of each round–Cara still wouldn’t admit she had put herself in the situation. I could completely empathize since I can remember being in similar situations when I was little and my pride would ball up in my mouth like cotton and I lost all ability to admit anything close to me being at fault. Obviously the other person was perceiving the situation incorrectly.

I’m not saying she’s right, I’m just saying I get it.

Tucker: You’re the only one keeping you from drawing with chalk right now.

Cara: We’re all partly responsible. You, me and Mommy. You guys have the bigger half of the circle and I have the smaller half.

Tucker: OK. Ignoring the geometrical problems with that analogy…you disobeyed your mother. All we want from you is your assurance you will work harder to get better with minding us. Can you do that?

Cara: I think I’ll just sit here for longer.

I had to leave the room. She had gone passed the point of pissing me off and to the point of just being downright funny.

As I was pulling together stuff for their snacks, Cara came streaking by the kitchen completely overcome with hysterics only a six year old girl can muster. She had completely lost the privilege of drawing with sidewalk chalk today. Since timeout was no longer sufficient punishment, Tucker had to step it up a notch.

I guess the bright side to all of this is I know parenting her won’t ever get boring?

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