Nocturnal Companion: The Devil’s Handmaiden

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Black Widow in AlabamaThe night was most agreeable save for the cacophony of wings from armored bugs which did not realize their time was almost at an end based on the month for which they are named.

Taking refuge in the garage, I was greeted by the most massive black and scarlet arachnid my eyes have ever had the misfortune to gaze upon.

I implored my husband to fetch me a shoe so that I might dispatch with the Devil’s handmaiden and since my fine husband was already present, might he be chivalrous and do the deed himself?

Nay! My husband wanted to remember the sanguinolent beast for all times.

What occurred next, you may wonder?

The dear man’s head collided with the whore’s web of torture and the succubus disappeared into the ether.

Now, after many minutes of reflection, I am convinced the demoness watches my every move. She bides her time content in the knowledge I will eventually become less vigilant and allow myself to be lulled into a sense of safety by the good book I have before me.

I continue to remonstrate my consciousness. I must continue to stay vigilant. One moment of idle thought and the beldame will be upon me.

Ever vigilant…

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