The Post Where Marvin the Note, a.k.a., My Phone Decided To Publish a Post When It Shouldn’t Have. Asshole.

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Massive storm rolled through this morning and knocked out our intertubes. I suspect the kids are going to lose their tiny brains.

I’m relegated to Marvin the Note and the urge to write ALL THE THINGS on my sites…which, of course, I can’t.

Guess behind internetless isn’t SO bad since I need to finish this image for Stephanie (I’m almost done! Promise!) and get some images edited for the Team page on Josh…actually they’re for Frontburnr but I can’t tag the page on my phone.


Since no internet means no online Spotify, I’m listening to the local files on our computer (There are A LOT.) First song that came up? Far Behind by Candlebox. Haven’t heard them in a coon’s age. On now? Prelude for piano No. 15 in D flat major (Raindrop) Op. 28/15, B. 107/10 <_-- totally="totally" had="had" to="to" look="look" that="that" up.="up." if="if" you="you" heard="heard" it="it" youd="youd" probably="probably" recognize="recognize" it.="it." _="_" p="p">AND I’m done. Productivity must be had, bitches!

Oh! Guess I’m not really done since I just realized I can post all of this ramble to my site via my WP app! Woot.

Really done now.


Really, really done!