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You’re Now Part of the Inner Squash Thing Circle

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Baby ninja dragon slayer

This year's garden had three unexpected residents: crooked neck squash. I like squash just fine (sautéed in bacon grease with onions, thankyouverymuch) but Cara and Ollie hadn't ever been exposed to the vegetable. This was a "teaching moment" and the kids would grow to love the bumpy, funny shaped, yummy, yellow things. Little problem though. I had ...

Kilbeggan Traditional Irish Whiskey Review and Cocktail Recipes

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Kilbeggan Traditional Irish Whiskey

One of the perks of reviewing products is when the product I'm sent to review is some sort of alcohol. Cause seriously? You can't beat that with a stick. Right? (Thank you, Molly, for being so patient with me. Molly's the awesome lady who sent me this to review and life happened and it's taken me ...