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Aloha Also Means Goodbye Book Review

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aloha also means goodbye jessica rosenberg

Have you ever had a friend ask you to read their book and get maybe just a twinge of dread?  No? Just me? Liar.  It's not that I necessarily expect the book to suck. My writer friends are pretty awesome writers so I expect what they send me to be at least decent. Maybe even awesome.  But that dread? It's from ...

3 New Year’s Cleaning Resolutions

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mr clean liquid muscle

This New Year cleaning resolution tips post is brought to you by as part of a Type-A Parent Community Sponsored Post. Well, maybe these aren't so much resolutions as they are a (somewhat) well-formulated plan of attack (PoA). A New Year's resolution just seems like something you except to break. Everyone makes them. No one ...

I’m Getting Shocked Tomorrow

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network neurons

Like shocked-shocked. Literally.  With electricity. I'm not down for the shock thing. Ever.  No, I do not want to put my tongue across your battery. (That's not a euphemism though it totally should be.) Once is enough for me, thanks.  That hot wire around your pasture? I am not touching it to see if it's hot. Feel free to do that ...

I Made a Fancy Cake and MMF (Marshmallow Fondant) Recipe

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tastelikecrazy cake

A few months ago I got on a cookie making kick. My experience in cookie making up to that point was basically...welp, I had no experience. I also didn't know how to make royal icing or even what goes into making royal icing. Piping bags made me shudder and why would you want to frost a ...