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Surgery Tomorrow

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Remember when I wrote that post about "getting shocked tomorrow?" Yeah, I forgot about it, too. And forgot to respond to Julie's comment. Because I suck. Sorry, Julie. Anywho. I'll get to the hand thing here in a sec but first I want to talk about the raging headache I've had all day. I'm talking the most ...

37 First Grader Books For Valentine’s Day

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37 First Grader Books On Valentine's Day

What's pretty sad is I just now realized I haven't talked about the Owlsome Readers program that's currently in full swing at Cara and Ollie's school. The reason this is so sad? I'm the Publicity Chair/Coordinator for the whole shebang. Dang it! Here's a snippet (which I wrote) of the official press release for the program: Owlsome Readers is a ...

Recipe: Blueberry-Orange Shortbread Roll-Out Cookie

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Decorated Owl cookie

I've mentioned before that I have been making cookies. A lot of cookies. I perfected an awesome shortbreadish recipe and fell in love. And then came the awesome brownie cookie recipe. The dough tastes like a Tootsie Roll and the finished product? Chewy, chocolaty awesomeness...and I don't even like chocolate. After that, I created an Orange-Cardamom shortbreadish cookie based ...