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Cleaning the Kids’ Rooms

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retro cleaning

When I was younger, my mom threatened to throw away all of the stuff that was left on the floor in my room. This happened a couple of times and one time she actually tossed the stuff. A few other times, she just bagged the stuff up and scared the crap out of me. While I ...

Wherein I Beat On Tucker and Had a Painful, Bad Day

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Yucky baby face

After getting surgeried, I took my pain meds like a good surgeried person. As one does. Unfortunately, the first prescription wasn't enough and I had to call and get more.  I was quite disappointed in myself.  The pain's gotten a lot better (It was mostly a gross ache, anyway.), I quit taking the meds and even had ...

My Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery Story…Complete with Gifs!

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My hand after Carpal Tunnel Release surgery

Friday I had my first major panic attack complete with cold sweats, racing heart rate and general freaking the hell out.  When I had my emergency induction with Cara back in '06, a nurse with about as much skill with a needle as a lobotomized polar bear on crack (LPBoC) shoved an IV into the side ...