Cleaning the Kids’ Rooms

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When I was younger, my mom threatened to throw away all of the stuff that was left on the floor in my room.

This happened a couple of times and one time she actually tossed the stuff. A few other times, she just bagged the stuff up and scared the crap out of me. While I still hold that method was a really screwed up way to motivate me to clean my room (It didn’t work.), I understand her motivation.

Truth be told, I’ve always been crap at picking up after myself. I still am, just ask Tucker. 

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We’ve been telling the kids to pick up their rooms and playroom for quite a while. 

Admittedly, we suck at follow-through sometimes. OK. A lot of times.

I suspect, like most parents, the rate of crap follow-through has to do with just how worn down Tucker and I are feeling at that particular time. 

But we’re serious now.

Cross my hearts.

We’re off to Arkansas later today since next week is the kids’ Spring Break; They’re spending a blissful week with the grandparents.

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All of this is what prompted the Facebook post on the Taste Like Crazy Facebook page

Since not all of you saw it because Facebook likes to play with its algorithms all the time and some of you don’t “like” the page on Facebook (WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!), here it is:


To be just a bit more specific on what I mean by “ALL THE THINGS,” I’m talking about toys and books that have been left on their floors for weeks and they literally step on the stuff.

But do they pick said stuff up after they’ve stepped on said stuff? 

Nope. Nope, not doing that.

What semi-sucks about this plan is that it’s a bit of a punishment for me since I’m the one cleaning their rooms but at least it will be done. Finally.

They were warned last Monday that if they didn’t have everything picked up by today then we would pick up their things and they would have to earn the things back.

Since they’re five and seven, they’ve been warned just about every day since Monday and each time we ask them, “What will happen if your rooms and the playroom aren’t cleaned up by Friday?” They then parrot back the consequence so we know for a fact they know what’s coming.

Whoomp, there it is.

I’ll post before and after pictures. Eventually. Once I’m done. 

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