Hi. I’m Amy and I am the person behind Taste Like Crazy.

I am married to a pretty decent human being named Tucker and have a pre-K kid who routinely drives me crazy and a very chill toddler.

In order to round out the general craziness in our house we have a Pitbull named Sophie that throughly enjoys stealing covers and sunning herself in the middle of the floor.

I run ads on this blog because I don’t really have a reason not to and occasionally accept products to review. I disclose when I have received a product to review and give my honest opinion; I’m not a total sellout.

In addition to Taste Like Crazy, I just started a Sims 3 website called Sims 3 Gamer and I tinker with web design occasionally so email me if you have something in mind.

I’m the type of person who believes in personal choice and that everyone has the right to say whatever they want. Along with that right comes my right to not listen or to change the channel.

A short and dirty list about me:

  • I eat meat and like it.
  • I breastfed my daughter until she was 18 months old and breastfed our son until he was almost two years old.
  • I wore my daughter in a sling that Tucker made her until Cara was almost nine months old and was walking on her own.
  • I loved being pregnant.
  • If I could have found a midwife around here who would have done it, I would have had an HBAC – home birth after cesarean
  • I listen to NPR and Glenn Beck on a daily basis.
  • The “crazy” part of my site’s title isn’t all for show; I’ve been diagnosed as having Cyclothymic Disorder but I’m not dangerous…just bitchy.
  • I cuss often and since this is my site, I can do that.
  • I’m adopted.
  • I really enjoy website design and tweaked a good deal of this website to get it the way that I like it; I’m never really finished.
  • My blog started in May of 2007 but I accidentally assassinated my site and lost A LOT of content.  Oops.
  • I LOVE video games and spent almost $600 on a 20GB PS3 when it first came out. His name is Steve.
  • I’m pretty much an open book and don’t mind unsolicited emails. However, I reserve the right to delete anyone who annoys me.
  • I currently live in Alabama about two hours away from Birmingham and love it here except for my new found allergies. What’s up with that?

If my little list didn’t answer all of your questions then feel free to email me: Crazy [at] TasteLikeCrazy [dot] com.

You can also read my website disclosure by heading to this link.