20 Things Every #Gifted Child Needs To Know…and Probably Everyone Else, Too

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Nervous kid gifNervous kid gif

When you’re a gifted, worrying, perfectionist seven year old kid, sometimes all that worry can literally make you sick. I figured listing out the things that WERE going to happen (but maybe she was worried they wouldn’t) would give Cara, my kid, a few less things (20, actually) to stress over. Seems to be working. Maybe it’ll work for you, too. Even if you’re not a seven year old girl.

American Culture is to Blame for Bad Schools

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Education and learning are two things we value in this household. We also value things like bacon, really good coffee and hours and hours of sleep but believe that last one is kind of like a leprechaun - mythical. Sunday morning was a lazy morning. We had planned on getting random groceries and then going to the creek/park ...