Along Came a Spider

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Garden Spider

Garden Update Bug Edition

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The garden has become somewhat of an epic fail. Correction: what's doing awesome is REALLY doing awesome and what's sucking is REALLY sucking. The purple basil is something I'm proud of. I managed to raise one plant from seed and the second plant came from me pruning the first. I don't use this type in cooking--I have ...

Mango Tomato Pico de Gallo Recipe

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Mango Tomato Pico de Gallo Recipe

I'm in the process of making dinner--broiled tilapia tacos and I had to stop to jot down this recipe so I don't forget it. I'm sharing it with you because I love you...and I regularly use my own site to find food I've made in the past. But I love you. That's what's important. Best salsa thing I've ever ...

Recipe: Roasted Bacon Chicken with Thyme and Garlic Yukon Gold Potatoes and Baby Carrots

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Recipe: Roasted Bacon Chicken with Thyme Garlic Yukon Gold Potatoes and Baby Carrots

Roasted/baked chicken is probably one the easiest--and most impressive--things I cook...other than my Braided Egg Bread; that stuff looks amazing and is a cinch. I'm all about maximum payoff with minimum effort. Even if you don't have the bacon--you should ALWAYS have bacon--this way of preparing a chicken will still work and is the way I ...

Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

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homemade-vanilla-ice cream-recipe

I'm not a big sweets person. Give me a couple of pieces of bacon over a couple of pieces of chocolate any day. But, when I get the urge for some ice cream--and that happens more than I'd like to admit since Tucker's obsessed with the stuff--I always get vanilla. Always. Everyone always says vanilla is the ...

Grilled Barbecue Clams and a Courvoisier Cocktail Just in Time for 4th of July

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Grilled BBQ Shortneck Clams Recipe

Grilled Barbecue Clams Ingredients: 24 Littleneck clams ¼ cup bottled BBQ sauce 2 Tbsp unsalted butter 4 Tbsp shallots, finely chopped ½ cup red wine vinegar Salt and freshly ground black pepper Directions: Preheat your grill to direct, high heat or heat coals until white and hot. While the grill is heating, in a medium-sized bowl, mix together the shallots, red wine vinegar, butter, BBQ, ...

Caterpillar’s Lucky I Didn’t Smush It

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Moth caterpillar

That was the last--and first--picture taken of this cute, little caterpillar before I tossed the bastard over the fence; dude had the nerve to eat up on one of my onions. He's lucky I didn't smush him into greenish-grey oblivion like I did his/her cousin/sibling/relative. Stay out of my garden!

Spodee Wine Recipes

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Spodee Tonic and Cream 4 oz. Spodee 4 oz. tonic water cream Method: Fill a tall glass with ice. Add the Spodee, tonic and top with cream. Spodee and Sailor 2 oz. Spodee 2 oz. Sailor Jerry rum 4 oz. cola Method: In a tall rocks glass, mix Spodee and Sailor Jerry. Top with soda. Rise and Wine 2 oz. Spodee 3 oz. orange soda 1 oz. orange juice orange wedges Method: In ...

Spodee Hooch Wine Review

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If you're looking for a highbrow wine then you've come to the wrong place...on so many levels. First off, watch this: The video cracks me up. Just thought you should know. Spodee was a Depression era hooch that mixed up homemade country wines with garden herbs, spices and moonshine. The resulting brew was then put into whatever containers ...

Garden Update 50 Bajillion Million!

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garden fresh radishes

Other than some thyme, basil and five pea pods, radishes seem to be the only thing I've managed to grow--and harvest--with somewhat reliable success. I put them in the measuring cup with water because I wasn't quite ready to break the news to them that they were heading for my salad; I took that picture yesterday. ...