Why I Will Never Go To Another Public Mental Health Clinic

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I wasn't even making $12k when I was in college. I was broke with a capital I-ain't-got-no-money. So I did the public mental health clinic thing once a week. Some of the clientele didn't even try to act normal...maybe they couldn't. There was this HUGE--woman must have been 6'4"--black lady sitting in front of me and ...

Um…Not Sure What To Title This and Jason Mraz Song and a Gif

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This is the weird limbo time where I'm about to start my period--How about I just toss that out there, right? You're welcome.--and stuff isn't working so well in my head. Hormones are amazing things and for me, they seem to bring on mild bouts of paranoia and a bit of anger. Looks like this month ...

Brighter Day

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I meant to write this day before yesterday but got distracted several times. I accomplished my entire list on Monday. Take a shower. Brush teeth. Put on makeup. Perfectly french braid Cara’s hair for gym. Figure out where I put Ollie’s form for gym so he can start this summer. Make dinner. Get to sleep before midnight. [It was a few minutes after midnight.] The lump ...

Dysphoria and the Gif At the End of This Will Probably Offend You

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I have no idea what I want to write about today and am pretty much only writing because I think I should. I find it ironic that when I get all dysphoric the last thing I want to do is write and it's probably the time when I need to write the most. If it didn't ...

I Was Scared of My Three Year Old Today

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anger bot

I called Tucker's cell today to beg him to save me from Oliver. I'm not joking. In case you don't know, Ollie's three. I called my husband to save me from my three year old because I was tired of being slapped in the face, punched in the back and screamed at. Tucker didn't answer and I ...

“Sometimes Mommy Gets Sad” Talk

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I'm writing this today but I'm going to post this tomorrow so you jump in your time machine and figure all that out. The reason the time matters to me is that I know tomorrow I'll be OK. Tomorrow I hope I'm OK. When this posts, I'll know. Probably. Yesterday--today--was a rough fucking day. Cara ...

My Favorite Posts on Taste Like Crazy from 2011

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Best of 2011

I've made this a tradition on Taste Like Crazy. I've done it every year for...several years and if I was the counting type then I'd go back and look. Let's just leave it at a "tradition" shall we? I write! I don't count! This past year has been full of ups and downs but aren't they ...

Shoving At the Comfort Line

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I've been trying to figure out why it's taken me so long to write a follow-up post to the "Where Do I Go From Here?" post and I've come to a couple of conclusions. First and foremost is the fact that I knew I needed to respond to your comments and I just didn't have it ...

Where Do I Go From Here?

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I have entered no man's land with regards to where I stand in the blogging world. And that's awesome when you're just blogging cause you want to write about what's going on with your life and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. BUT, when you're wanting to gain some respect in MULTIPLE areas, it's ...

The Holidays are Bipolar

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Thanksgiving Day Turkey

Over the past holiday weekend, I've decided that the holidays need mental help. They are, in fact, bipolar and should, most likely, be medicated. I've also decided this bipolarishness comes from highly set expectations that might be attainable if not for unfamiliar ovens and dry dressing and the black hole that is moving. And I ...