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I'm not sure how much this counts as a "diary entry" as much as it's kind of a news/what's been happening kind of thing. I have a job. I don't remember if I announced over here that Josh from Kmart Gamer fame asked me to be the Editor in Chief for his new startup which we're currently calling Project ...

SimCity Beta First Impressions

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The last time I played a SimCity game, I think the computer was running Windows 3.0 or something and I couldn't figure out the game. Cut me some slack...I was seven. SO there was a bit of a learning curve for me when I first started playing with the beta. I was very, very good at creating ...

My Favorite Posts on Taste Like Crazy from 2012

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2012 has come to a close and now we're on to 2013. I can vividly remember it being 1990. I feel quite old all of a sudden. We've been in the house a year now. Cara started school. Tucker's almost done with his. I got offered a job. I found my biological mother and siblings. ...

Soul Discussions and Dust: An Elysian Tail

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A while back I downloaded the demo for Dust: An Elysian Tail.   I had heard nothing but good things from Sm1tty about the game and I didn't have any cash on me and wanted something solid to play around with while I waited for my next check. You know a demo's doing it right when it's ...

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What Is a Gamer?

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gamer chick

Guten Morgen, mein Freund! I have a new job as a Senior Editor [Impressive, no?] at this new gaming awesomeness called Frontburnr; the site isn't live yet but it will be very soon. What I'm writing right now revolves around one question: what is a gamer? I have my own ideas and they'll be included in my piece--duh--but ...

Assassin’s Creed 3 Rise Video

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Assassin's Creed 3 official logo

Ubisoft has been teasing Assassin's Creed 3 just right and the latest video--in a line of great videos--has just hit the internet. Rise, Assassin's Creed 3's 4th of July video, is awesome and it's easy to forget you're watching a teaser for a video game and not a commercial for some new show on The ...

Guess You Don’t Look Like You’re Going To Suck Too Bad, Assassin’s Creed 3

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Assassins Creed 3 III Frontier Conoe Online Screenshot

I'm not a fan of this franchise and you can just go ahead and shut your stupid head mouth right now about that little fact. Or something. I didn't mind the first Assassin's Creed too much--except for the repetitiveness--and the world was rich and the story somewhat interesting. But after that first one I lost interest. Now we ...

Game of Thrones Game Review Gif Heavy YAY!

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Game of Thrones video game review

I've never read a single one of George R. R. Martin's books; I haven't gotten around to them yet. I've never seen an episode of Game of Thrones; we don't have cable. I expected Game of Thrones to stand on its own merits. That's not too much to ask of a game that had been in development ...

Cara Drew a Big Mommy Reaper from Mass Effect

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I was writing that odd post yesterday and Cara decided it was time for her to get her drawing on. Apparently the Reapers in Mass Effect have made an impression on her since she presented me with this: Here's Sovereign, a Reaper, from the first Mass Effect. Kid did a pretty good job considering she ...

Moar Kill Cams with Skyrim 1.5 Update

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If your Skyrim game just wasn't bloody enough for you, the 1.5 update is sure to wet your blood thirsty whistle. The 1.5 update--available on Steam and coming "soon" to PS3 and 360 --adds new kill cams for projectile weapons and spells and "new kill moves and animations for melee weapons." This one seems like a ...