You’re Now Part of the Inner Squash Thing Circle

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Baby ninja dragon slayer

This year's garden had three unexpected residents: crooked neck squash. I like squash just fine (sautéed in bacon grease with onions, thankyouverymuch) but Cara and Ollie hadn't ever been exposed to the vegetable. This was a "teaching moment" and the kids would grow to love the bumpy, funny shaped, yummy, yellow things. Little problem though. I had ...

A Rant: You Say Theory. You Mean Hypothesis. Stop. It.

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Ok, people. Let's clear something up. Ready? I'm gonna kindergarten it down for you. Hypothesis: When you have an idea which can be tested. Theory: A hypothesis you've tested and your peers have tested and your findings (and their's) have been replicated by you and your peers. Lots of times. Everything comes out groovy at the end. Law: When you, ...

Happy NINTH Anniversary, jerk.

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happy anniversary

Welp, yesterday was Tucker and my anniversary. I don't remember what year the blessed event occurred; I use Sophie's age (minus two one years) to keep up with the quantity of years. I figure if I remember the month and day, I'm doing pretty good. And normally I do. Except for this year. Correction on my math: Apparently I'm only supposed ...

The 2013 Garden Update: Not As Lame As You’re Expecting

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Dr. Wyches Yellow Tomato

Last year's garden was all that awesome. The soil an idiot at Lowe's recommended to me was essentially softwood and "wood products" mulch which caused weird deficiencies in the plants and when paired with me planting all of my seedlings too early...well... Eventually the garden got its act together and the plants started to rally; that took ...

Love Me. Hate Me. Pretending Is Too Damn Exhausting.

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reality check

There is something extremely annoying about right now at this time. I have good ideas for things, e.g., post topics, kids' crafts, showering, but once I get serious about doing any of those things, they just take too damn much effort; I'm just too tired. When I've told my therapist about this crushing--Yeah. I know. Dramatic ...

Nocturnal Companion: The Devil’s Handmaiden

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Black Widow in Alabama

The night was most agreeable save for the cacophony of wings from armored bugs which did not realize their time was almost at an end based on the month for which they are named. Taking refuge in the garage, I was greeted by the most massive black and scarlet arachnid my eyes have ever had the ...

Heat, Camping, Job, Kids/School, Running and Gifs

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Erupting Volcano

I'm hot. IT IS 85° IN MY HOUSE RIGHT NOW! Yes, I am sweating. Yes, Sophie the Wonder Pit Bull refuses to remove her geriatric self from the tile floor. Yes, everyone is at everyone else's throats. It is tons of fun up in here. I've been so proud of us for not turning the air conditioner on ...

Seven Gripes About the Differences Between The Silver Linings Playbook Book and Movie

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WARNING! This post contains spoilers, quotes from The Silver Linings Playbook book and I discuss the movie in detail. If you haven't read the book and/or seen the movie and you don't want to know what's gonna happen, I suggest you go read other awesome things I've written. For instance, you might check out "My Favorites" ...

Conversation with Tucker: Desert Island vs Deserted Island and Fabulous Camels [video]

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Tucker and I dropped the kids off with his folks yesterday. We now have six days of glorious freedom where we get to pretend we're just 30-something married people with a dog and no kids. Until we happen to find a kid sock somewhere or one of us remembers something cute one of them did. Or something. When ...

Are the Only Good Writers the Writers Whose Work Evolves? Let’s Discuss.

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I started The Fault in Our Stars last night. I stayed up until 3 am and finally drifted off to sleep on a wet pillow. Tucker and I have been longtime fans of John Green since we first discovered the YouTube channel he has with his brother Hank. Anyway, I was telling Tucker how I'm dreading reading anymore ...