Seven Gripes About the Differences Between The Silver Linings Playbook Book and Movie

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WARNING! This post contains spoilers, quotes from The Silver Linings Playbook book and I discuss the movie in detail. If you haven't read the book and/or seen the movie and you don't want to know what's gonna happen, I suggest you go read other awesome things I've written. For instance, you might check out "My Favorites" ...

Conversation with Tucker: Desert Island vs Deserted Island and Fabulous Camels [video]

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Tucker and I dropped the kids off with his folks yesterday. We now have six days of glorious freedom where we get to pretend we're just 30-something married people with a dog and no kids. Until we happen to find a kid sock somewhere or one of us remembers something cute one of them did. Or something. When ...


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I'm not sure how much this counts as a "diary entry" as much as it's kind of a news/what's been happening kind of thing. I have a job. I don't remember if I announced over here that Josh from Kmart Gamer fame asked me to be the Editor in Chief for his new startup which we're currently calling Project ...

SimCity Beta First Impressions

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The last time I played a SimCity game, I think the computer was running Windows 3.0 or something and I couldn't figure out the game. Cut me some slack...I was seven. SO there was a bit of a learning curve for me when I first started playing with the beta. I was very, very good at creating ...

Recipe: Homemade Instant Pancake Mix

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Download Photoshop CS2 for Free!

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Free, I say! And I'm not even joking. I saw something about this fly by on Twitter and had to check it out for myself and, as you can see above, it's legit. Well, legit in as much as it's from Adobe's site and there's the serial numbers but I didn't download any of it because I ...

My Favorite Posts on Taste Like Crazy from 2012

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2012 has come to a close and now we're on to 2013. I can vividly remember it being 1990. I feel quite old all of a sudden. We've been in the house a year now. Cara started school. Tucker's almost done with his. I got offered a job. I found my biological mother and siblings. ...

NaNoWriMo 2012: Let’s Write and Be Awesome

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I've been sitting on almost 30,000 words of a book for the past year. I know I need to go back in and add some stuff to the beginning and I'm lazy and then have a tendency to edit because I feel I need to reread what I have written so I'm familiar with the ...

A Parenting Levity Video for Your Saturday

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So after yesterday's "thing" at the gas station on base where the manager blocked us in the bathroom cause she thought I was beating Ollie and everything breaking in our house the past few days, me getting soaked by the toilet when I broke it and let's not forget the spider post, I figured what ...

I Killed My Fifth Black Widow Spider Yesterday

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Before we moved to Alabama, I had only seen one Black Widow. It was a quick association since she quickly became VERY WELL acquainted with my shoe. In Arkansas, you worry about Brown Recluses. Those fun, fun spiders that slip into your shoes and between your sheets and wait to bite you so they can laugh while your ...