Grow Baby, Grow

When PBN first sent me Amazing Baby and read that the author was Desmond Morris, I kept saying Desmond Morris’s name over and over because it sounded so familiar to me.

After a bit of thinking, I realized that Morris is the guy who wrote The Naked Ape – a book my grandpa told me to read back in high school. [A bit dry but interesting nonetheless.]

Morris is a prolific author who has written TONS of books but I don’t think that any have ever been this enjoyable for pure enjoyment sake.

Sure the book is interesting and informative, but it’s also pretty.

The thing about The Amazing Baby is that it pulls you in with that absolutely adorable baby on the cover and then tricks you into learning.

The velum covered pages that overlay the anatomical inner workings of the fat little babies make me happy as did the “A Baby’s Appearance [pg 44-45]” section that shows how a baby’s appearance changes as it grows. The tone of the book was exactly what I would expect from Morris – scientific and positive [ A welcomed change from just about every “baby” book out there.].

The Amazing Baby is one of those books that you get your best friend for her baby shower or you get yourself just because. This is a book that belongs on display on your coffee table just like it belongs next to your reference books. This is one of those books that I would pay the cash to buy.

A definite “must give” for Christmas.